Thursday, May 13, 2010

8284A Clock Generator Output (CLK,Ready,Reset) tutorial

There are 3 output generated by 8284A clock generator that is connected into 8088 microprocessor. Explain its function.

The 8284A clock generator consist of a synchronous divide-by-three counter. It has several output including CLK,PCLK,OSC,Reset,Ready. Out of this 3 pins are connected to the 8088 microprocessor which is CLK,Reset and Ready.

CLK- This is the clock output used by the processor and other devices that directly using the processor local bus. CLK output is 33% duty cycle clock driver.
RESET- This signal is used to reset the 8086 microprocessor
READY-This signal used to indicate the readiness of the microprocessor. It will be cleared after the guaranteed hold time to the processor has been met.

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